Be your own kind of beautiful with help from me

Absolutely Gorgeous Beautique
Beautiful skin, your way.

Very few of us have the skin we want. We always have some kind of issue with it. We always want our friend’s or sister’s skin, we are never happy! It is an everyday struggle to get your skin to behave, and just when you think you are there, it surprises you and gets all horrible again.

We can not do anything about our genetic make up, and yes some women are blessed with good skin genes and we all hate them for it. However, you can help your skin to maintain it’s natural oil/water balance and to look more the way you want it to.

An every day skin routine, using the best products that you can afford, is of the utmost importance as is staying out of the sun, no smoking and excessive alcohol use and lots and lots of water and a good diet. It all will help to keep your skin feeling and looking good and then you too can love your skin!

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