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Skin Care
What’s your facial?

We are all so concerned about our skin type and which products we should use for our skin type.

However, we seldom think about our current skin concern, and what we should rather do about that!

Let me explain the difference. Your skin type can usually be classified in the following 3 types: oily, dry or normal and combinations thereof such as: normal/oily and normal/dry. These are the only Skin Types. Anything else is a Skin Concern.

Skin concerns are such as acne, dehydration, pigmentation, sensitive, reactive and ageing. Skin concerns differ through-out our life cycles and most concerns will come and go.

You can have an oily skin with areas of dehydration if you are using harsh and abrasive products to try and combat the oiliness.  You will probably also have some sensitivity because of these products. You can have a dry skin with pigmentation as a concern or a normal skin with occasional breakouts.

Any well trained and professional beautician will always ask you what your skin concern is Right NOW, because that is the most important problem to address Right Now.

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It is not always easy for the client to be able to choose the correct facial for her skin type and skin concern, so let us guide you to skin perfection.

Please contact us for more information and to book a consultation: I CAN HELP YOU BE YOUR KIND OF BEAUTIFUL!

Cell: 0823989817


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