Wound healing process after microneedling ( Collagen Induction Therapy)

The way skin heals itself after any injury is a biological marvel that we all take for granted and never think about it. It just happens!

Picture of woman with areas highlighted for treatment
All the areas that microneedling can treat and improve

Wound healing basically has three “steps” which the skin goes through to accomplish it:

  1. Inflammatory stage
    Within hours of any skin injury the wound will appear red, warm and swollen. The reason behind this skin response is to seek out and destroy and bacteria and/or viruses that may cause harm. Platelets swarm the area and help the blood to clot.White blood cells kill bacteria and viruses, protect against infection and dissolve damage cells( the pus that forms)
  2. Proliferative or re-building stage
    Approximately 5 days after the injury, the second stage begins. The main functions of this stage are to replace the protective outer skin layer over the wound site. Collagen starts to form and wraps around the wound. For the next 6 weeks collagen will continue to form (Type I collagen), the wound’s tensile strength increases, making the wound area stronger and supple.
  3. Remodeling or maturation stage
    From 1 to 6 weeks after injury the collagen formation occurs at a furious pace. During this stage the collagen is distributed in a haphazard pattern to ensure proper closer of the wound area. In the remodeling stage the collagen becomes more organized. During this stage the Type I collagen is gradually replaced by Type III collagen, increase the skin’s strength, softens wrinkles, tighten skin and reduces old scars. It can take the new collagen fibers any where from 70 to 90 days to fully mature.

That is when you will see the full effect from you microneedling treatment!

Pictures of woman's face before and after treatment
Before and after photos of Microneedling Treatment

Please contact Gerda on 082 398 9817 or gerda@agbeautysalon to arrange for an appointment.


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