The Art of Hydration with Lipogon thirstEeze

With summer in the Southern Hemisphere on its way, it is time to look at your hydration strategy. New research states that liquid with small amounts of sugar, fat or protein is actually better than plain water for hydration.

Lipogon offers thirstEeze that can help hydrate as well with all the following:

1. Reduces the risk of anemia

2. Stabilizes blood glucose levels

3. Ensures healthy red blood cell production

4. Aids in the breakdown of simple carbohydrates

5. Boosts the Immune system

6. Improves mood and symptoms of fatigue

7. Increases metabolism

8. Increases fat burning

9. Enhances nerve tissue health and brain function

10. Improves the appearance of the skin, hair and nails

11. Neutralizes harmful FREE Radicals – protects all body cells

12. Reduces chronic low grade inflammation

The most recent official recommendation about water requirement, as published by the European Food Safety Authority in 2010

Dietary reference values for total water adequate intake per day:


0-6 months: 680ml (through milk)

6-12 months: 800-1000 ml


1-2 years: 1100-1200ml

2-3 years: 1300ml

4-8 years: 1600ml

9-13 years: 1900-2100ml

14-18 years: 2000-2500ml

Adults 2000-2500ml

Contact Gerda on 0823989817 or for more information.


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