Get Your Witch on! Magnetic Eyelashes

Tired of using 2 hours of your time every 2 week to have your lash extensions done? No more! Do it within 5-10 minutes in the comfort of your home ! Easy Application. No Glue. No mess Re-usable. Order now

Women's face with acupressure points showing in coloured dots

Acu-Meridian Fusion Facial

NEW! Acu-Meridian Fusion Facial A fusion of modern biotechnology and the ancient art of acupuncture resulted in the Acu-Meridian Fusion Facial. It is a traditional European style facial which includes cleansing, exfoliating, and hydration of the skin as well as an Asian Meridian massage. This massage technique, combined with Electro-Magnetic Therapy using the Acu-Meridian Fusion Massage Pen,  concentrates on …

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HumanKind Body Care with Essel Cosmetics

EXOTIC AFRICAN OILS ARE TRIED AND TRUSTED, NATURAL TRADITIONAL HEALING INGREDIENTS. The HumanKind lifestyle body care product range is inspired by an initiative to support community projects whereby indigenous raw materials are sustainably harvested and fairly traded by rural farmers who support environmental management. The exotic African oils are tried and trusted, natural traditional healing …

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