Skin care while wearing your face mask

Professor Karen Ousey, a Director at the Institute of Skin Integrity and Infection Prevention at the University of Huddersfield conducted research into the pressure damage that can be caused when wearing facial masks for extended periods of time.

“The wearers are sweating underneath the masks and this causes friction, leading to pressure damage on the nose and cheeks,” said Professor Ousey.  “There can be tears to the skin as a result and these can lead to potential infection,” she added. 

To prevent skin abrasions, tears and infections during this trying time, it is highly recommended to follow a good skin care routine in the morning and and night.

Clean and moisturise your skin and apply a barriers creams at least 30 minutes before wearing the mask. Try to keep the skin dry and sweat free and wash and apply more moisturiser and barrier creams as often as need.

Should your skin become infected, please see your medical practitioner as soon as possible.

Stay safe!


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