Beauty and the Beast: Keep Covid-19 out of the Beauty Salon

Absolutely Gorgeous Beautique Reception

Hygiene and Safety Precautions

At Absolutely Gorgeous Beautique, I always have very strict hygienic practices and standard operating procedures that I follow daily, even long before there was such a thing as the Coronavirus. My salon has always been a low density salon, usually it is only 2- 4 people present. According to regulations I can allow 10 clients in my salon.

Safe Service Certification

I have been awarded the TheraVine™ SAFE SERVICE CERTIFICATION which is a course in extra hygiene and safety precautions for salon, staff and clients.

Be safe!

Cleaning the Salon

I follow all Government Gazette Regulations pertaining to hygiene and cleaning, and also clean the salon myself, so there is no extra exposure from outside cleaning services and staff.

When You Visit the Salon

  • I will offer you the chance to wash or sanitise you hands.
  • I will wash or sanitise my hands and wear a face mask.
  • I will again offer you the chance to wash or sanitise you hands before leaving.
  • I will clean all touch surfaces (including the counter and card payment device) with sanitising alcohol between visits.
Shop on-line at

On-Line Shopping

I would like to take this opportunity to remind youof my online web shop, where you can purchase Vitaderm, Essel (Dermaplex/ DNA Epinew/ Essel Aesthet),TheraVine, Lipogon and other products online,so you do not have to expose yourself to unnecessarily health risks.


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