Vital Hydration with Vitaderm

-An exceptional Hydrating Cream that contains hyaluronic acid as well as a blend of phyto-extract to promote hydration and suppleness. -The Intensive Hydrating Serum contains both high-and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid. - To increase hydration in both superficial and deeper layers of the skin. Highly popular with men as alight hydrating aftershave balm. -Lipid …

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Wesson Therapeutics Cares for Sensitive Skin

On Special Promotion R288 | 30ml Wesson Therapeutics Repair Serum contains bio-available VitanimC,  hyaluronic acid  as well as phyto extracts of aloe vera, green tea and cotton seed to provide the ultimate in anti-ageing benefits without skin irritation. Wesson Therapeutics Repair Serum may: Brightens the skin tone Enhances skin softness Boosts collagen production Increases hydration …

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New: Vitaderm Brightening Trio Pack

Vitaderm Brightening Trio Pack Increase luminosity with Vitaderm's new Brightening Trio Pack which includes a full size Radian-C Serum, Brightening Treatment Cream and Tissue Repair Complex. Pay only half price on the Tissue Repair Complex. The Trio Pack for only R 1350, you save R221! Read more and Buy

Wound healing process after microneedling ( Collagen Induction Therapy)

The way skin heals itself after any injury is a biological marvel that we all take for granted and never think about it. It just happens! All the areas that microneedling can treat and improve Wound healing basically has three “steps” which the skin goes through to accomplish it: Inflammatory stage Within hours of any …

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