Make your own Hand Sanitizer with Essential Oils!

With the rush to obtain hand sanitizer and not a lot to find anywhere, try this alternative Essentail Oil one! According tot the American CDC, hand sanitizer should contain at least 70% alcohol to be effective. Some essential oils are knownfor there anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties. Tea Tree Oil: Tree oil contains a number …

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HumanKind Body Care with Essel Cosmetics

EXOTIC AFRICAN OILS ARE TRIED AND TRUSTED, NATURAL TRADITIONAL HEALING INGREDIENTS. The HumanKind lifestyle body care product range is inspired by an initiative to support community projects whereby indigenous raw materials are sustainably harvested and fairly traded by rural farmers who support environmental management. The exotic African oils are tried and trusted, natural traditional healing …

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Chamomile flowers and bottle with aromatherapy oil

Measles and Aromatherapy

    Measles is One Of The Most Contagious Diseases In The World and can be fatal. During January and February 2109, the United States already had more measles cases than in the whole of 2017. Measles cases stats in the USA: 2019: 159, 2017:180, 2016: 86 I am not going to argue the pro's …

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Vitaderm Clinical Skin Care

Vitaderm Clinical Skin Care Products

Vitaderm is a results-driven Clinical Skin Care brand that incorporates the latest advances in ingredient technology as well as nutrients and phyto-extracts to achieve maximum therapeutic benefits. You have the company's assurance of absolute quality through selective choice of ingredients and maximum concentration of active ingredients. Why choose Vitaderm? Subtle, natural aromas derived from plant …

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