Something soothing for your skin

    Vitaderm Aromatic Complex. R 395 / 30 ml This fine-textured, ultra-light complex combines essential oils and plant-extracts to enhance skin radiance and stimulate cell renewal. Ideal for all skin types including sensitive skin.     Vitaderm Gentle Cream Cleanser R 252 / 200 ml This aromatic cleanser contains lavender, chamomile and rosewood extracts.  It …

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CARDIO: TO FAST, OR NOT TO FAST, THAT IS THE QUESTION — Evidence Based Health and Fitness

Thank you the Evidence Based Health and Fitness team for this article! Please see their link to this articel at the bottom.   The advice makes sense right? If you do your cardio training first thing in the morning before eating breakfast you should burn more fat. That seems logical. Overnight you go hours without …

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Skin relief after the summer holiday.

Vitaderm Skin Renewal Gel Buy any 4 Vitaderm Retail Products and receive a Vitaderm Skin Renewal Gel Free! A hypo-allergenic gel that is ideal to sooth sensitive/dehydrated and sensitive/oily skin. It speeds up healing/skin renewal in compromised skin. Ideal for use on acne-prone skin or on rashes and sunburn. The skin is left feeling soothed …

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Hydrate your skin.

It is always a good idea to stay on top of your hydration during summer.  It is a very good idea to look at your skin's hydration levels as well. Vitaderm has a special offer to make it so much easier. Vitaderm Hydration Trio R 1048.00 Limited offer of 1 x Vitaderm Hydrating Treatment Cream, …

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Improve your weight loss

  Lipogon Lymphereum Liniment Oil R320/200ml Cleansing of lymphatic nodes Powerful anti-inflammatory properties Detoxifying of the body Reduces bruising and swelling Beneficial in treatment of inflammatory skin conditions, e g sunburn and eczema Aids in digestion